Please excuse the mess…

My old site had been stagnant for quite some time – whilst I appreciated the posts that I had written, I couldn’t really find the impetus to create new content.

In clearing away the old site I’m attempting to force myself in to a mindset that I need to bring new posts to the fore.  Being an IT Professional with a strong interest in electronics, I’m hoping that this new site will encourage my “Hobby” side, allowing me to get back to doing the fun parts of IT and electronics, and getting back in to being a part of the maker community.

Will it succeed? Who knows. I’m very much aware that this blog is something which won’t get read by many (if any!) people, but that’s not important – what is key to this for me is that it will become a repository of information, a focal point for my projects, and give me an opportunity to not get burned out from the stresses in my life.

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