Thought for the day – 24th November 2016

Thought for the day – 24th November 2016

“In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” – Eric Hoffer

There is a constant need in life for us to evolve on a daily basis.  Life doesn’t stay still – we always have to strive to keep up otherwise we will be left behind.  As someone in the tech industry, the permanent progress in my field requires us to keep on top of all that is new otherwise we will be left in the dust.  It is amazing to have the opportunity to grow on a daily basis.

Audio Transcription

Audio Transcription

Download the MP3 of me reading it here: (Right click, Save link as)  dungeon.mp3

I was perusing some of my favorite creator’s content on YouTube when I found an amazing video from Doctor Randomercam that was unlike any of the other ones I had seen from him to date.

The video was quite simple.  Background audio and (for the first part of it) some white text on a black background.  As I read his words, the hairs on the back of my arms raised and a shiver went through me.  DoctorRandomercam’s video hit home more accurately than anything I’ve read in the last year or so.

I knew that I had to do a reading of it.  I know it’s a little rough and unpolished – I was editing the audio through my laptop speakers – my headphones are in the other room. I also put some royalty free music behind it.  Many thanks to Kevin MacLeod over at for producing such amazing royalty free music.  [Infinite Perspective Kevin MacLeod (  Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ]

Download the MP3 of me reading it here: (Right click, Save link as)  dungeon.mp3

The transcript is below. Please excuse formatting and typos – it was just a quick transcription from the original video so that I could read it for you:

It's been a dark week.  One in which I've found myself reflecting 
on a great many things, including when I was 22 and somewhat spun off the dial.

Believe me, I'm not here for the already harmful among us.  But there are 
millions of otherwise healthy people out there who are in very dark places 
and they don't know why.  

And no one can tell them why

I'm not going to tell you to snap out of it.  I'm not going to 
tell you "It gets better" - I don't know that.

I'm not even asking you to leave the dark place.  As a matter 
of fact I'm going to join you there.

I'll sing for you if you'll listen, and I'll listen if you 
feel like singing.

Why would I join you in your dark place?  It's a dungeon after 
all, a place to be either locked in or escaped from.

Well, not to me.  To me the dark place is like a garden. I 
come here all the time.  

There are things you can get from the dark place that you 
can't find anywhere else.

That's why I won't say to you "One day you'll leave this 
dungeon and never return and it'll all be fine."

It may well be fine, you may well become a happy and 
self-actualised person, but you'll come back to the 
dark place anyway.

Once you've escaped it, it becomes not your captor but 
an old friend, a comrade who helped you get through it.

It's just a dungeon after all, it didn't mean to harm you.  
It was just there.

That, as it happens, is how you escape the dark place. 

You embrace it.  You stop pummeling at the walls 
and just examine it: 
The cracks in the floor
The cobwebs in the corners
The delicate balance of silence.

It's not just introspection, you're looking at the 
human condition.  
You're looking at what everyone is looking at.

And it might take years of dark times, but during those 
times if you keep your head and try not to pummel too 
hard or too often, you'll see the wall blur into the windows.

You'll see the sky is just another dungeon and the walls 
are just another sky.

And when you've forgotten there's even a locked door behind you, 
you may find if you look, there is indeed no locked door behind you.

And you've already escaped.

You see the world for what it is:  A clear sky over a rolling 
green field, peppered by a never-ending citadel of dungeons.

Beautiful dungeons with wide-open doorways.

Of course you're alone.

Everyone is alone.

That's how you know you're not alone.

You can cheer up if and when you feel like it.
How to mount a raw disk image in Linux

How to mount a raw disk image in Linux

There have been a number of times in Linux where I’ve had to create a bit-copy image of a hard disk  using dd or dd_rescue, then needed to mount that image to the local filesystem to peruse its’ contents.

When you use dd or dd_rescue against the block device, you end up with the MBR, Partition Table, and all the partitions on the disk too.  This can trip you up when you are used to mounting individual partitions using the loopback driver.

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Changing NIC order in XenServer

Changing NIC order in XenServer

I ran in to an issue when attempting to join a freshly reinstalled and fully patched XenServer 6.5 host back to a pool. This host was one of four Cisco blades in a chassis which had the exact same hardware configuration as the other blades.  Every time I’d try to add the blade to the pool, the network configuration (which included bonded NICs) would go awry.

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XenServer update script

XenServer update script

I recently had to reinstall some XenServer hosts and found the update procedure from both the CLI and the Xen Center application to be tedious and very time consuming.  Each update had to be applied individually. Erf, not something I relished doing at the best of times.

I came across this fantastic script: Citrix_XenServer_Patcher by Darren Gibbard which has saved me countless hours of downloading and installing patches on a one-by-one basis.

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